Reactive property maintenance, sometimes known as ‘breakdown maintenance’ is the provision of providing urgent solutions to problems or issues with a building’s facilities, structure, safety and security. Reactive property maintenance services focus on restoring assets to their normal condition, this can include plumbing repairs, window replacements, door repairs, roof repairs, water damage repairs and so much more.

Reactive maintenance is undertaken in response to an unexpected breakdown or damage and can help reduce the long-term damage to buildings and or equipment. Deciding not to react to these problems, could be detrimental to the health and safety of users with the premises.

Advantages of reactive property maintenance

  • Low initial cost – Initially the start-up cost is low because this method allows you to wait until something is broken before repairing it. This reduces the cost that you would put into regular maintenance.
  • Requires less staff – Since you wait until the equipment fails or areas of your property break deteriorate, less manpower is needed within your workplace. Most reactive maintenance is outsourced to companies such as ours.
  • Reduced maintenance – With the “run until it fails” method, there is a large reduction in planned maintenance. You choose to not have regular service checks on your equipment or around your building.

However, to reduce the possibility of needing reactive property maintenance, you can utilise planned property maintenance (PM) services. Due to its nature planned maintenance is a proactive strategy where maintenance and inspections on structures, assets and facilities are scheduled at regular intervals throughout the year.

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