As with many industries, the FM sector has struggled with skill shortages that can be attributed to a number of economic factors, including Brexit and the impact of the pandemic. Software and innovative technology also continue to change – some say ‘disrupt’ – the world of facilities management (FM) in 2023. Awareness and interest in business intelligence have grown during the year, as understaffed FM teams look to become more efficient and meet expectations.

Here are the key facilities management trends in 2023:

The economic downturn will drive decision-making

The UK economy is currently weakened and is expected to weaken further. This presents both challenges and opportunities for facilities management.

As a result, you should be looking to reduce costs where possible. This will manifest in facilities management contracts that focus on value for money and partnership, including long term, fixed price contracts that help offset the effects of inflation.

Drive operational efficiency

Another outcome of economic uncertainty should be to reduce risk and improve operational efficiency. Business continuity planning should have more focus with greater attention on building robust maintenance. There will be a rise in building and asset automation, with the Internet of Things (IoT) assisting with better scheduling and better anticipation of asset lifecycles.

Turbulence in the economy often leads to innovation when new cost-effective ways of working become necessary.

Sustainability will remain key

Carbon emission reduction plans and the journey to net zero will remain a priority in the UK. Failure to act on sustainability will have an immediate and tangible impact going forward. Mandatory disclosure requirements and high energy prices will incentivise action. Improving data will provide greater insight into how sustainability is impacting value, allowing you to make more informed decisions.

Facilities Management will transition from reactive to proactive

Preventive and predictive maintenance strategies will become the core of facility management trends, thanks to equipment tools and data analytics. Facilities management will use intelligent tools to help track asset performance and predict potential equipment failures. This enables your facilities management company to be more proactive and responsive to situations.

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