Regular maintenance is crucial for commercial properties. Having professional commercial property maintenance in place can help preserve your asset’s value, prevent unnecessary disruptions, and reduce costs.

Commercial property maintenance involves regularly inspecting, servicing, and repairing your property systems and assets. Here are the essential tips for commercial property maintenance:

Regular inspections

Undertake preventative maintenance inspections at the very least annually. Ensure that you look for things such as leaks, cracks, and equipment issues. Identifying and fixing a problem early can prevent bigger jobs.

Tracking system

Use a property maintenance management system. This gives you a clear picture of your asset performance and any upcoming maintenance needs.

Document maintenance

Keep detailed property maintenance logs. Documenting any performed maintenance, repairs and parts replaced will provide insight into the lifecycles of your assets.

Service key systems

Service vital key systems such as HVAC and electrical regularly, replace filters, and inspect wiring. Ensuring that ventilation, heating and cooling, and power systems are running correctly can extend the life of your systems.

Clean exterior

Regularly wash exterior surfaces and key assets. Removing dirt, grime and other pollutants can prevent deterioration and extend the lifespan of your assets.

Inspect roofs

Inspect roofs more than twice a year and repair any issues immediately. Identifying potential issues such as leaks early can help you avoid interior water damage.

Prioritise areas

Focus on high-traffic areas — locations such as lobbies, hallways and retail floors. Due to the nature of these areas, they need regular attention to help ensure they are safe and maintain their visual appeal.

Appropriate planning and attentiveness are vital to effective commercial property maintenance. If you need assistance creating a maintenance strategy for your asset, please contact our team on 01924 433066 or complete the form here. We have a range of planned property maintenance and reactive maintenance solutions available.